The reliable operation of the continuous casting machine is the key to ensuring output and improving work efficiency. Any operation failure during continuous casting may cause downtime and affect the final quality of the steel billets.

Therefore, paying attention to the correct operation process and taking all preventive measures have a great effect on safe production.

Measures to prevent continuous casting machine failure include:

1. Manufacturers using continuous casting machines (CCM) must strictly implement the shift system.

When handing over shifts, the shifter must introduce to the successor in detail the operation dynamics of the equipment, abnormal conditions of equipment operation, changes and development of original equipment defects, changes in the temperature of the operating parts, failures and handling conditions, etc.

2. To strictly implement the operating card system.

You must hold a power-stop or power-supply license for power outages, a fuel-stop license must be held to stop fuel delivery, an operation license must be held for starting equipment, and an inspection license must be held for handling equipment failures or overhauling equipment, and the operation license must be retracted during maintenance.

It is strictly forbidden to supply electricity, oil, start and stop equipment without a license;

3. Excessive use of equipment is strictly prohibited.

Do not exceed the rated load, pressure, temperature, current, voltage, speed and other rated values indicated in the regulations or on the equipment nameplate;

4. Carry out strict inspection before starting the equipment.

Before starting the continuous casting machine, you must carefully check the equipment’s rotating parts, safety protection devices, equipment lubrication, water, wind, and gas pipelines, and confirm that there is no problem before starting.

The equipment alarm bell must be turned on before running CCM.

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