The factors that affect the service life of copper mould tube are as follows:

  1. Quality problems of copper mouldtube

1) The influence of copper mould tube design parameters. The design parameters of copper mould tube mainly refer to material, coating, inner cavity curve, fillet radius, etc., which directly determine the service life of copper tube.

2) Maintenance of the copper mould tube. The quality of copper mould tube maintenance is also the main reason affecting its service life. The key process of repairing quality is the adjustment of water joint. If the water joint around the copper pipe is uneven, it will directly lead to the uneven cooling of the copper pipe and produce deformation and damage.

  1. Influence of process conditions and operation

1) mould lubrication.

2) the influence of drawing times. The number of times of drawing steel directly causes cold and hot expansion of copper tube, which leads to stress, yield and permanent deformation of copper tube, and affects the service life of copper mould tube.

3) amplitude effect.

  1. cooling water condition

water quality is another factor that strongly affects the temperature and deformation of mold wall.