Mold Copper tube is the heart of continuous casting machine, its quality directly determines the quality of cast billet and over steel, the life of the mould copper tube depends on the equipment technology and management level, but also depends on the mold copper tube material and copper pipe manufacturing level.

At present, the domestic general use of phosphorus deoxidation copper and silver copper manufacturing mold copper tube, chromium and zirconium copper because of the high cost has not been widely used. This material has high strength hardness and good conductive, thermal conductivity, and mechanical properties far higher than the current common mold copper tube material, and the price is low, now in the domestic and foreign markets to promote the use of good results achieved.

At present, the use of high efficiency crystallizer copper tube taper value is generally 0.6%~0.9%m, tensile steel and low alloy steel taper value to take the lower and middle limit, pull medium carbon steel and high-carbon carbon when the taper value to take the upper limit.

In order to ensure that the inner cavity trend of the copper tube is consistent with the cooling shrinkage of the billet, the trend of the inner cavity of the mould copper tube should be parabolic continuous taper. When casting low carbon steels and low-alloy steels, the vertices of the parabolic line should be designed to be taken off the copper tube.

At the same time, the taper distribution of the high efficiency crystallizer should be matched with other technological parameters in the drawing steel