Project Description

The mould assembly is the key part of the continuous casting machine.

Mould Assembly

Square billet and rectangular billet mold assembly

The billet and rectangular billet mould assembly is mainly composed by the following parts: mould copper tube, outer water jacket, diversion water jacket, upper and lower sealing flflanges, various sealing rings, foot roller device, foot roller area spray Device. The core part is the mould copper tube, and other parts are assembled around the copper tube.

The mould assembly should have the following characteristics: simple struc ture, easy to disassemble and adjust, easy to produce and manufacture with good structural rigidity, and its weight should be light, so that it has a small inertial force when it vibrates during vibration. The mould assembly is a key part of the continuous casting machine, and its structural performance direct ly affects the production and quality of the continuous casting billet. All enter prises are actively exploring according to the actual use of their continuous casting machines, and by optimizing the combination of the parts and compo nents of the mould assembly, to meet the ever-increasing demand for continu ous casting production.

Mould Assembly

Square billet and rectangular billet assemblies are generally reserved for installation of electromagnetic stirring devices and automatic liquid level control devices.