As the heart of the continuous casting machine(CCM), the importance of copper mould tube is self-evident and its manufacturing has high technical requirements. Currently, most transistors are produced using concave or convex extrusion on horizontal or obsolete presses.

The manufacturing process of the copper mould tube lies in its fit with the mold. That is, the inner cavity size must fully comply with the production accuracy of the mold.

Factors affecting the paste properties:

  1. The proper wall thickness deformation amount. The copper deformation of the copper mould tube in the extrusion deformation changes hours, its inner surface can not produce enough plastic deformation, the copper tube does not film. Greater deformation, greater compression resistance, easy to straighten the formed pipe wall. Therefore, the choice of the deformation amount of the copper mould tube is very important.
  2. The eliminates the internal stresses of the copper tube forming. Cause of internal stress: in the extrusion deformation of copper pipe with large wall thickness, the deformation amount of internal and external surfaces is different. Appearance metal is elongated, the inner surface deformation is small or constant, and the large stress in the tube. During subsequent processing, these internal stresses release and the copper tube deform. Therefore, in the molding process of the copper mould tube, technical measures shall be adopted to eliminate the internal stress.