As we all know that if we can do a good job in daily maintenance, it can extend the service life of the copper tube of the mold and improve the overall quality and output.

Through our various after-sale maintenance and repair services, each mold copper tube can be continuously cast for a large number of furnaces, which is a better choice financially. We can provide you with a quick and complete mold copper tube inspection analysis and sample inspection including cavity optimization, so as to make good plan recommendations. If you need to replace the mould copper tube, you can rely on the exact same product.

The advanced numerical control technology we use ensures that each copper tube is a good match with the previous copper tube and is repeatable. A high-quality crystallizer copper tube can not only increase the output and productivity but also improve the quality of the cast copper tube and the overall appearance of the product. In addition, for any size of plant and project, Mold Copper Tube is cost-effective and can quickly recoup initial outlays.