Breakout is relatively common in the continuous casting process, and bonding is the main form. A series of artificial intelligence forecasting methods have been developed. This kind of forecasting system has been widely used in continuous casting crystallizer process monitoring, but the steel breakout is still prominent. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken in all aspects to better proceed operating.

1. The pulling speed should be controlled by the temperature monitored in the ladle.

When the carbon content in the steel is constant, ensure that the temperature increases as the pulling speed decreases, and the pulling speed increases as the temperature decreases. Therefore, the pulling speed must be adjusted correctly according to the temperature and carbon content of the steel. Gradually increase the pulling speed, and maintain a steady state continuous casting through a certain pulling speed. Any interruption in the continuous casting should reduce the pulling speed.

2. Any mold powder has an expiration date, so it should not be used after it expires.

The mold powder can only be opened during casting, and it is placed under a high-wattage bulb to dry it. An open bag of mold powder cannot be used when casting again. Choose suitable mold powder according to the specified chemical composition of steel. At the beginning of casting, an initial mold flux with low viscosity and low melting point is used. For the billet continuous caster, ensure that the linseed oil is evenly distributed in the crystallizer.

3. Steel breakout prediction system

With the help of temperature sensors installed on the 4 cooling water outlet pipes of the mold and the developed cohesive steel breakout prediction system based on changes in the cooling water temperature, the billet shell can be pre-judged by judging the instantaneous change of the crystal water temperature whether there is a rupture. And after the system makes a judgment, reduce the casting speed of the continuous caster in time to avoid the occurrence of steel breakout accidents.