In the use of continuous casting equipment, the most feared is the occurrence of some accidents, which is a kind of injury to the operation process, equipment quality and personnel safety, when the flow rate of cooling water around the outer wall is uneven, it is easy to occur, this time need to use refined copper water jacket technology.

Refining copper water jacket technology:

  1. The uniformity of the gap between the water jacket and the mold is very important. In production, it is necessary to ensure the precision tolerance between the external size of the copper pipe and the internal size of the water jacket. In order to solve the problem of precision control of of the inner cavity shape and size of the water jacket well, almost all the copper pipes used in the steel plant are produced by extrusion molding technology at present, and the control of the inside, shape and size of the copper pipe has reached a high precision. If copper pipe production technology can be used to produce water jacket, this problem will be easy to do.
  2. Without welding, but with simple pure mechanical processing and general mechanical assembly method, the connection problem between flange and copper water jacket can be completed. This is the technology of refined copper water jacket, which is the independent intellectual property right of our country. This technology has been successfully applied in the continuous casting production of Xuan Steel, Pu Steel, Cheng Steel, Jiugang and other steel mills, and is also the national patent technology of China Metallurgical continuous casting Company.
  3. Because this crystalli zer is the main part of the continuous casting machine , it is called the ” heart ” of continuous casting equipment , Through this technology can effectively solve multiple problems . The traditional manufacturing process is extrusion forming , because the forming mechanism does not match the strain characteristics of pipe billet , making its shape , size accuracy and hardness are difficult to reach the efficient application scale of inside and outside .