The copper mould tube is the core part of the continuous caster machine (CCM). In the process of steelmaking, due to the erosion of molten steel, the copper tube will be worn, and it needs to be replaced or repaired after a long time.

The traditional repair process is: coating removal – polishing – drawing – machining – electroplating – processing – Inspection and packing. Usually, after 6-8 times of repeated processing and repair, the copper tube will be scrapped.

The process of using new technology is as follows: copper tube dechroming – processing (drawing) – copper plating on the outer surface (using special additive for copper plating on the copper tube) – processing – nickel-cobalt alloy plating (composite additive) – chromium plating – polishing. Copper plating with additives has high dimensional accuracy, low internal stress, good adhesion, good toughness, and fast heat dissipation. Electroplating speed is fast.

Saving resources and reusing existing resources is the direction of reducing production cost and improving efficiency. Although some steel plants repair copper pipes by traditional process, the repair amount only accounts for a few ten-thousandths of copper pipes. Using new technology to repair copper pipes will be used forever.